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Tefal steam generator iron Protect Plus GV9460G0

If you’ve been looking at buying a Tefal steam generator iron recently, now might be the time to take a look at their new range.

They have recently launched a new range of excellent ironing systems and the in-depth reviews will follow shortly. Although the older models are still currently available (at excellent prices!), they have undergone a revamp and have been updated, as well as having their already powerful features increased further still.

Tefal steam generator

The first thing you’ll notice is that the steam pressure is a whopping 5.5 bar. (especially if you’ve looked around the website and understand the importance of steam pressure!)

Very brief summary of the changes to the new models of Tefal steam generator iron

However, to keep you going until I’ve had time to check out the features and write full, detailed and honest reviews, here’s a very brief summary of the improvements to each model:

Tefal Pro Express GV8430

This will eventually replace the Tefal Pro Express GV8330. The steam pressure is now rated at 5.5 bar, as opposed to the 5 bar rating on the previous model

The new Tefal GV8430 also has an eco-friendly mode, which uses 20% less energy.

Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8460

This will be the replacement for the Tefal GV8360, which is still currently available (and cheaper than this new model).

The improvements on this new model are a boiler with an incredibly powerful 5.5 bar rating (compared to the 5 bar rating of its predecessor, the Tefal GV8360) and a steam shot of 220 grams per minute (200 g/min on the GV8360).

Tefal Protect GV9460

The Tefal Protect GV9360 will eventually be replaced by this new Tefal GV9460. The improvements on this new model include a 5.5 bar steam pressure rating and an extra shot of steam for those really awkward creases, which has increased from 200 g/min to 220 grams per minute.

New Tefal steam generator iron models for 2011

These new models are obviously more expensive than the previous models but, if you’re looking for a Tefal steam generator iron which is eco-friendly and super powerful, these might be worth checking out.

See more information on these new Tefal steam generator iron  models

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