How does a steam generator iron work?

If you haven’t tried a steam generator iron for yourself, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘How does a steam generator iron work?’

So how does a steam generator iron work?

How does a steam generator iron work?

Without actually using one, you might not realise how effective they are in rapidly removing creases and wrinkles from your clothing. It’s because a steam generator iron produces a much greater volume of steam than a traditional steam iron. This is made possible by the separate base unit which houses the boiler. Instead of storing water in the iron itself, steam generator irons store water in the base unit, where it’s heated by the boiler. Once heated, the steam is then delivered to the iron through the hose which attaches it to the base unit.

The easiest way to describe the process and explain what’s happening, is for you to imagine cleaning your car using a pressure washer, compared to a standard hose-pipe…

How does a steam generator iron work

As you know, the water from a pressure washer is much more powerful than the hose-pipe and the power of a pressure washer will offer speed and ease of use when it comes to your cleaning car, compared to the slow/moderate trickle of water from a hose-pipe. Similarly, because steam generator irons are able to produce much more powerful steam, they can drastically reduce the time you spend ironing. Furthermore, like pressure washers, steam generating irons not only reduce the time it takes to get the job done, but they also require less effort.

Many people prefer to use steam generator irons because they offer a time-saving way of ironing for your family whilst, at the same time, ensuring your clothes are crisp, fresh and wrinkle-free.

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